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We deal in all kinds of Iron and steel structural products (Angles / Beams / Channels / Flats / Rounds etc.),
Flat Products (Plates / Sheets)
& Hollow Sections / Pipes

Beams: In contemporary construction, beams are typically made of steel, reinforced concrete, or wood. One of the most common types of steel beam is the I-beam or wide-flange beam (also known as a "universal beam" or, for stouter sections, a "universal column"). This is commonly used in steel-frame buildings and bridges. The iron and steel used by the manufacturers in the manufacturing of the Mild Steel Angle Beams ensures features like high durability and tensile property. The beams are also available in varied sizes.


Angles : Stainless steel angles are resistant to corrosion and highly durable. The comprehensive range is offered in various grades and specifications to suit the needs of various industrial sectors. The steel profiles are formed in different shapes and chemical compositions. All the SS angles conform to various Indian and international quality standards for strength, tolerance requirements, corrosion resistance and other properties.


Channels: Our mild Steel Channel is made from high-grade mild steel materials and is well known for their strength and durability. There is a wide range of metal Channels that are available in sizes ranging from 75 mm to 400 mm. Our range of metal Channels includes U-channels, J- channels, C- channels and Hat channels.
Laxmi Steels stocks channel iron by the piece or by the bundle for your convenience. We keep a large inventory in stock.


PlatesOur wide and heavy steel plates can be categorized as high-strength. We keep a range of plates to meet the specific needs. A range of wide plates in thicknesses exactly converted from imperial sizes is available. Product Range Includes: Plates from 3mm to 200mm in various plate sizes.


Boiler Quality Plates: This Material is manufactured to specific standards in order to produce a superior quality carbon steel plate of consistent ant controlled properties designed to withstand the internal pressure of pressure vessels, boilers, and valves.

We provide an industrially verified range of boiler quality plates that is used for industrial and commercial purposes. These sturdy boiler quality plates are designed to be at par with the industrial quality standards and are obtainable for our clients in customized forms.


TMT Bars: Our TMT Bars are thermo mechanically treated. These are widely used in all types of construction purposes. The Steel TMT bars we offer, exhibit very high bend ability as well as re-bend ability features. Our Steel TMT Bars are ideally suited for the application in earthquake zones. At our company, you find TMT Bars of international standard at very affordable prices. Building TMT Bars that we supply are of excellent quality which ensures safety of your building.


Flats: Our wide range of flats are supplier, using qualitative raw materials to ensure the durability and These are useful for constructing bridges, steel structures, ships etc.


Round Bars: We provides you a superior quality Round bars in different sizes and grades, maintaining close dimensional tolerances and required mechanical properties. Round bars are ideal for Pump Shafts, Scaffolding, Cold Drawing and Fastener applications.


Square Bars: Square bar is highly mechanic able and is known for being wear resistant Specifications. These steel square bars are made from very high quality raw material which ensures high durability at its user end. These steel square bars are widely finds its applications in various industrial and commercial sectors Square bars are available in different sizes and grades.


Chequered Plates: We provide a wide range of chequered plates in a variety of surface finish patterns. These plates and sheets are carefully designed and manufactured under rigid quality control procedures to ensure high precision and dimensional accuracy. The stainless steel plates are used in industrial production, decoration, civil construction, automobile, etc.


H.R  Sheets and Coils: There are wide range of hot rolled sheets, which are available in different width and thickness. These hot rolled sheets find application in making tubular products like hot rolled coils, pipes, LPG cylinders, shuttering plates and in the construction sector. Moreover, our range of hot rolled sheets is also useful in making of pressure vessel, buildings, steel structures, etc.


C.R  Sheets: Cold rolled sheet and coil is used in a wide variety of consumer and industrial applications ranging from the cladding on the world's tallest buildings to hospital equipment, beer kegs, household items, heat exchangers, and kitchenware.


GP/GC  Sheets: These sheets are manufactured using premium quality material which provides high tensile strength and makes them seepage resistant. GC sheets prove to be a cost effective solution for various construction purposes such as roofing, side-walls, partitions and panels. Owing to their adaptability, these are also used for varied applications in agriculture industry, outdoor sign boards and other industries. Galvanised sheets are used mainly in roofing, paneling, automobile bodies, trunks / boxes etc. These sheets are fabricated using superior quality material at industry leading prices.


Pipes: There is wide range pipes acclamation from several industries for its quality standard. These pipes find application in various areas like irrigation, cold storage and architectural purpose. Our range is available in various sizes and can be customized as per the specification of clients. We offer a wide range of welded pipes in different grades and specifications. The range is available in stainless steel, mild steel, carbon steel, brass, copper, inconel, etc.  All these welded pipes are made of highest quality materials, ensuring excellent durability and sturdiness.