Syndicate Marble House

We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as SYNDICATE MARBLE HOUSEs incorporated in the year 1991 at Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh) India, as a leading marble trader& exporter. Our products include all kinds of Makrana marble slabs, tiles, blocks and carving works. Since its establishment in 1991, SYNDICATE MARBLE HOUSEs has been popularizing Makrana marbles and stones in the world.


Our firm is a leading manufacturer, exporter, supplier, distributor and trader of Indian marbles which can be categorized under Carved Makrana Marble Blocks, White Marble, Slabs, Tiles, Makrana Handicrafts, Unique Items for Flooring's, Temples, Small Home Temples, etc.


Marble: The Timeless Wonder

Durable, distinctively designed and 100% natural. These are just some of the adjectives that have been used to describe Marble.

The popularity of marble dates back to the ancient times, when Greek sculptors used it as a medium for making the figurines and statuettes of Aphrodite, Nike, Phidias, etc. Later, during the Renaissance, the great Michelangelo carved the sculpture of David on marble.

The Taj Mahal (also "the Taj") , considered as the finest example of Mughal architecture, is made of marble. Over the years, marble has come to symbolize refinement in taste. It is said that the Taj Mahal was built of Makrana Marble. Makrana is a small town in Rajasthan, India, and it has plenty of marble outcrops.
Makrana Marble, prominent since 1630s, has not received the right appreciation it deserves.



Quality Features


SYNDICATE MARBLE HOUSEs maintains a mechanism of "Quality Inspection" under which all its products are checked by a team of quality analysts and industrial experts during the production process. Our marbles and tiles are extremely 100% Natural. Our marbles are popular for their life long stability & excellent stain resistant characteristics. The compact and homogeneous texture meets the highest standards and technical specifications of International Quality.

Here are a few quality features:

  • Environmentally friendly building material
  • Non-toxic materials
  • High resistance to staining, acid and alkali; non-toxic
  • Zero water absorption
  • High glossiness
  • Hard and strong
  • None color difference
  • High weather resistance
  • Thickness doesn't affect quality.
  • Ideal for temples, mosques constructions, floorings, passage ways, wall cladding, pillars & grills

Our success is based upon our ability to respond flexibly to our customer's individual needs for both large and small projects, our experience and detailed knowledge of the marble industry, our competitive prices and the excellent comprehensive service we provide for a very wide range of materials.

We have supplied marble for many major projects including palaces, temples, mosques, embassies, international hotel chains and office buildings as well as commercial works requiring large quantities of competitively priced materials.



Why Us


SYNDICATE MARBLE HOUSE Group has always stood for quality without compromise. It believes in long-term business relations and works hand in hand with the customers to ensure that they get the best value for money. Stringent in-house quality control measures are in place and yet the group is always willing for third party quality checks. The Company has adopted quality policies to standardize its systems, procedures and processes with adequate documentation.

Tradition of Quality and Beauty

Famous from antiquity, for the high quality the incomparable clearness and resistance, the Morwad Marble from SYNDICATE MARBLE HOUSE have constituted the base of many big monuments and works of art in India. Nowadays SYNDICATE MARBLE HOUSE Group continues to supply the domestic market with Morwad Marble at the usual peerless quality.





The endeavor of the company is to provide quality products by imbibing the latest international mining technology. This can be gauged from the fact that the entire mining operations are carried out with the help of latest equipment for marble extraction. Sophisticated software developed internally on RDBMS platform tracks and evaluates all possible functions, cost areas and productivity of the mining operations.

The company has made an extensive use of wireless communication to synergies all activities from drilling to loading of the end product. The optimum utilization of the country's natural resources can be seen here. Due to the latest technologies used, the recovery ratio of marble blocks is amongst the highest. The records of "The Director of Mines & Geology, Udaipur", reveal that the yield from company's mines is the highest per hectare amongst all marble mines.





A professionally managed business house, is a globally acclaimed  supplier and exporter of high quality natural stones

  • Marbles: Green Marble, White Marble, Pink Marble, Forest Green, Forest Golden and Forest Brown Marble
  • Sandstones: Teakwood, Rainbow, Beige, Agra Red, Pink, Lalitpur Yellow, Grey, Tint Mint, etc.
  • Slates: Copper, Silver Grey, Golden, Peacock Multi Color, Vijaya Gold, Indian Autumn, Etc.
  • Limestones: Kota Blue/Brown, Tandoor Grey & Brown and Kaddapa Black
  • Granites: Black Galaxy, Absolute Black, Paradiso, Juprana, Red Multi Color, Marry Gold, Royal Cream, Siva Yellow, Kashmir White/gold, Imperial White, etc..


copper slate Kund Multi Slab

Copper Slate

Kund Multi Slab


Sand Stone

Agra Red Sandstone rainbow Sandstone

Agra Red Sandstone

Rainbow Sandstone



kota blue limestone  

Kota Blue Limestone



green marble white marble

Green Marble

White Marble








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